Potjestraining in 3 dagen? Ja het kan!

De potjestraining van een peuter is voor de meeste ouders een hele uitdaging, die makkelijk enkele weken tot zelfs maanden aansleept. Maar volgens Lora Jensen is het mogelijk in slechts drie dagen!

Potty training in three days

Lora Jensen herself is a mother of six children and wrote the book 3 Day Potty Training . In it she explains how she approaches toilet training for her children. If you encourage your toddler to get to know his body , make sure there are no distractions and apply her three little tricks , your toddler will be potty trained right away. So organize a kind of boot camp for yourself and your toddler and after three days you no longer need diapers.

Three tips from Lora Jensen

1. Ask yourself

Children are often so busy playing that they don’t realize or simply forget to go to the toilet . Do not teach your child that you will ask them not to use the potty, but teach them to become aware of the fact that they have to go to the toilet by having to say so. If a child gains control over this process, they will not fight it.

2. Discard everything

Throw away all diapers from day one of potty training. This way you will not be tempted to quickly put a diaper on your toddler because that is simply easier. In addition, a toddler is more bothered by wet pants than a wet diaper and will therefore realize faster when he has to go to the toilet !

3. No distractions

No TV , no smartphone , no nothing at all that can distract you or your toddler. During this boot camp you should and may only focus on your toddler.

Tested and approved

The American channel ABC has already put it to the test with 2 toddlers. It was a success story with both, with a small setback on the second day. But both were finally completely toilet trained after 3 days.

This American vlogger also tested the three-day potty training! Watch the video to see her results.

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4x the best pots for a successful potty training


Béaba plaspotje

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Het Fisher-Price Koninklijk Potje & Krukje bestaat uit een oefenpotje, een toiletverkleiner én kan gebruikt worden als opstapje om na de boodschap de handjes te wassen. En dat alles onder begeleiding van leuke melodietjes. Te koop bol.com.


My Carry Potty kat

Dit snoezige potje is handig voor thuis én onderweg! Je klapt het open als je kindje moet plassen en sluit het daarna geur- en lekvrij af. Te koop bij Dreambaby.


Basic wit

Liever een minder opvallend potje zonder teveel toeters en bellen? Kies dan voor dit simpel exemplaar van Hema.

Nog een leuk boekje!

This interactive booklet teaches your toddler to become acquainted with the theme of toilet training in a light way. A cheerful story about an important toddler theme with different sliding systems and flaps.

Tuur goes on the game
€ 8.99 – Balloon Kids – from 2 years – ISBN  9789403206523

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