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Grote boodschap tijdens de bevalling: klinkt als horror, maar is echt doodnormaal

Word je binnenkort voor de eerste keer mama? Dan heb je vast al horrorverhalen over bevallingen gehoord, zoals dat over ‘de grote boodschap’ tijdens de bevalling. Klinkt gênant, maar het is echt doodnormaal!

In some women, it happens that some stool comes out during labor . It is not the case that the entire contents of your intestines suddenly end up on the hospital floor, but usually it is a mini message. It depends a lot on when you last ate or went to the toilet . Women often opt for an enema (= colonic irrigation) before giving birth , but to be honest: rushing to the toilet between contractions is not very convenient, is it?

Big message during delivery: o help!

During the pushing process, you use the same muscles as you use on the toilet , so it makes sense to push a little bit of stool out. In addition, the baby ’s head presses against your intestine as it passes through the birth canal.

Just because it happened to other mothers does not necessarily mean that it will also be the case with you, but it is in any case good to know that it can indeed happen. It’s nothing to worry about, because most of the time you don’t even notice and at the time of delivery you think about one thing: your baby who needs to get out.

What do the hospital staff think?

We are not lying when we say that the midwife and hospital staff are used to this.  They handle this very discreetly : just wipe and go. A little relief is even a good sign, because it means that your pelvic muscles properly their job to do. So you absolutely do not have to be ashamed or hold back if you still feel that a big message is coming.

How your partner will react to it is probably a different story , since it’s not exactly romantic . He firmly will not lose any sleep, because it is the welfare of you and the baby at that time in the first place . You can tell him in advance what might happen, so that he is somewhat prepared for it.

Stool during delivery is good for the baby

It is not very fresh, but it is nevertheless beneficial for your baby if he comes into contact with your stool during birth. According to various scientists, this way he gets good bacteria that strengthen his immune system . Once your baby is born , it suddenly comes into contact with all kinds of bacteria for which it has developed very few antibodies. The good bacteria that he gets in the birth canal, through your skin , the first breastfeeding and therefore also your stool, are good for his resistance .

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